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子 ZI

​煜 YU


My Featured Projects.

Project no.1 Building Replication

Using Sketchup

Project no.2 Isolation

Playing with the filters in Photoshop.

Project no.3 Platform Design

This project used the technique in SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop. 

It is designed to satisfy the meeting and relaxing need in front of the Memorial Union at UC Davis.



Project no.4 Photo Realism

Designing for the wayfinding and the welcome sign on UC Davis Campus. 


Project no.5 Plan View

Use the technique of AutoCad and Photoshop.

Redesign the front area of Memorial Union on UC Davis Campus.

Project no.6

Davis Downtown Youth Community Project

Project no.7

Design Proposal for Native American Interpret Center

Stay In Touch.

Ziyu Zhou

Tel: (+1) 530-761-8976​


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